Shannon Campbell

About Me

Shannon Campbell, an FCHS senior and member of the 2019-2020 Wayne County CEO class, is a member of the FCCLA. For a number of years, she has worked with her mother in her business so she has a head start in her own personal business journey. She joined CEO class to combine CEO business concepts with her business experience for a more well-rounded approach to starting her own business.

About My Business

Shannon has great ideas for tumblers and novelty items! You don't want to miss it!





DISC Characteristics

  • • Likes to think things through before acting. • Prefers a work environment that is not too pressured or filled with constant change. • Prefers a culture that allows ample time for analysis of new ideas before implementation takes place.
  • • Likes to have an open-door policy with both peers and supervisors. • Tends to be always ready to converse with a group, even with people she has just met. • Makes an effective coach or counselor for others on the team.
  • • Can accept change but requires a good argument for it first. • Serves to stabilize others on a team who are perhaps too maverick. • Prefers to have sufficient clarification of policy or tasks before proceeding, so as to avoid mistakes. • Thinks it is important to follow established procedures and processes. • Steadily moves toward the completion of a task.
  • • Desires a lot of accuracy and detail. • Compared with others she works with, she might be perceived as resistant to change and disorder. • A very good critical thinker in the problem-solving context.