Blake Rilea

About Me

Blake, a senior at FCHS, is a young man who knows the business world as his grandparents started a successful business, LeMond's Chrysler (an inaugural and business CEO investor) in Fairfield many years ago. Besides being in CEO and going to FCHS classes, he works at Matthews and Sons. Selected by his peers to be the treasurer for the class business, Blake says that, before the CEO program, he struggled to place a purpose in getting up in the morning to go to school but that CEO has given him a reason to look forward to his day. He likes learning the life-application lessons outside of the classroom and the steps to start, run, and maintain a business. He believes that the Wayne County CEO program has taught him to be a better thought-processer. Blake's love for photography was an easy transfer to start his individual business, Dodgin' Clouds Aerial Photography, helping his clients distinguish their market and create photographs to attract, engage, and entice prospective followers.   

About My Business

With a focus on small to mid-size businesses and brands, Blake plans to bring a unique and fresh approach to his clients' photography needs with his individual business, Dodgin' Clouds Aerial Photography. He hopes to help clients distinguish their market and create photographs to attract, engage, and entice prospective followers, handling a wide-array of content and promotional assets for personal or business use.   

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DISC Characteristics

  • • Tends to be more modest than egocentric in dealing with others. • Likes an environment where authority and responsibility is mutual and shared across all members. • Defers to others who exhibit a stronger opinion or are more vocal. • May be somewhat conservative in decision-making on important issues.
  • • Prefers an environment with plenty of people contact. • Always ready to converse with a group, even with people he's just met. • Is affable and friendly when meeting new people.
  • • Prefers to have sufficient clarification of policy or tasks before proceeding, so as to avoid mistakes. • Doesn't like rocking the boat unless he absolutely has to. • Prefers setting minimum levels of consistency and stability or control.
  • • Is somewhat restrained in expressing emotions. • May express resistance in a passive-aggressive manner.