Bryce Garner

About Me

An FCHS senior, Bryce has enjoyed great success in his academic and athletic high school career, but he wanted to learn more applicable life skills. Through the CEO program, Bryce has been able to experience and apply such skills that go beyond those that are already included in the standard educational curricula. He appreciates the experiences that have taught him what would otherwise take years to achieve. Elected by his peers to be the vice-student facilitator for the class business, he has delivered responsible protocol in class procedures and follow-through. 

About My Business

Bryce's initial idea for his individual business is horse tack and equipment. Check back to see his progress!





DISC Characteristics

  • • Likes to think things through before acting. • Demands a lot of himself. • Can be very modest in dealing with others. • Is open to deferring to others for decisions when they have voiced a stronger opinion.
  • • Enjoys helping others as coach, counselor, or teacher. • Really likes meeting new people and easily interacts. No one is a stranger. • Enjoys opportunities to motivate others.
  • • If insufficient structure and order exist, he will create it. • Believes rules exist for a reason. • Can accept change but requires a good argument for it first.
  • • Opinions tend to be quite firm when it comes to breaking with convention to answer the needs of the situation. • Wants little, if any, "routine" work. • "The 'right way' to do things is the way I'm doing them right now." • Prefers to be encouraged to create and try new ideas and procedures. • Probably perceived by others as a bit of a rule-bender.