Cade Carter

About Me

Cade Carter, a senior at FCHS, is actively involved in FCA,football, and baseball. During the past eight summers, he has traveled exensively to play baseball. Cade plans to go to SIU-C, where he holds a football scholarship, to earn a BS in kinesiology, after which he plans to open his own fitness center and pursue a career in personal training. Cade says that the CEO program will help him accomplish his goals by building his business knowledge.

About My Business

Cade plans to take an existing business, personal sports training, to the next level. Stay tuned!





DISC Characteristics

  • • Takes calculated risks but only after having had sufficient time to consider all potential outcomes. • Open to deferring to others for decisions when they have voiced a stronger opinion. • Demands a lot out of himself.
  • • Very enthusiastic in working with others. • Enjoys helping others as coach, counselor, or teacher. • Seeks freedom of speech and the ability to express ideas and opinions openly. • Can be extremely persuasive. • Having a very high trus tlevel for others can actually result in his being "burned."
  • • Respects the established ways but is open to change when it is deemed necessary. • Prefers a moderately structured environment: not too much - not too little. • Works well in a variety of environments and on a wide selection or projects or tasks. • Can multitask fairly well.
  • • Quite analytical and enjoys a higher level of details and data. • Approaches brand new ideas and change with caution and careful consideration. • Prefers to adhere to the defined and proven way of doing things. • Desires a lot of accuracy and detail.